Comeback Post

Reunited and it feels so good! Okay, I broke one of the #1 rules of blogging by not being consistent with my post. I know, shame on me. But to be honest, I was tired of posting non-original content. The whole point of this blog is to highlight places, style, and my life on the Shore… which I have yet to feature in any post. I think i’ve been a little hesitant because all the blogs I adore (ie. Cupcakes and Cashmere, Wendy’s Lookbook, Atlantic-Pacific etc.) are so freaking amazing! Quite intimidating for a little (non-photogenic) blogger like myself… But we all have to start somewhere, so I’m back and with original content (see Dew Tour post) whoop whoop! Not to say I won’t pull a fun DIY from Pinterest, or an outfit inspo from Polyvore every now and then, but for the majority, this blog will focus on MY explorations, MY style, MY life!

Welcome back, to MY blended world!




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