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Decor: Home Office

Imagining how much more work I could get done, how much more blogging I would do, and how much more productive my life would be, if I had a work space like this…

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9 Must Have H&M Accessories

Accessories Spotlight
Guess who will be taking a trip to Annapolis, MD real soon for some retail therapy at H&M!? Living on the Eastern Shore has put me roughly 2hrs away from some of my favorite retail chains like H&M and Zara (luckily I can shop online at The only good thing about not having  a local H&M is that it greatly minimizes the chances of me seeing someone rocking the same outfit as me. In which case, I gladly travel across the (bay) bridge for the sake of “originality”.
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My Best Friend’s Wedding

I’m dedicating this post to my bestie who is getting married in 52 days!! Here’s some last minute wedding inspo ♥

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” –  Elbert Hubbard

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The Blend on Instagram

Happy Friday!

Guess what? I joined Instagram! I actually surprised myself with this one. I was only planning to utilize Twitter & Facebook for social media for The Blend, but after seeing Instagram photos of some of my favorite bloggers (via tweets) I knew I had to join. And I’m hooked! I have so many unused pics from photo shoots, daily explorations, and random inspirations that I want to share with you, but aren’t necessarily “blog post worthy”. I’m finding that Instagram is the perfect outlet to share these little “extra” pieces of my blended life.

Here’s a little preview…

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