Outfit Inspo: The Christmas Party

I figured I’d keep the Outfit Inspo posts rolling…so next up on my outfit planning list: The Christmas Party! Every year I throw a Christmas dinner party for a few of my closest friends. Living in a small town, I really don’t get many opportunities to get all glammed up, so finding the perfect party “look” is an event in itself…especially since I’m also the hostess.  Here are a few looks I’m contemplating:

LOOK #1 Girly.  Ruffles, tulle, shimmery/metallic accents, and pearls. I would feel like a pretty, pretty, princess!

LOOK #2 Sexy. Cat eye, red lips, killer stilettos, and just enough skin showing. Channeling my inner Beyoncé (or Blake Lively). This outfit commands attention.

LOOK #3 Classic . You can never go wrong with a LBD. I love the festive detailing in this dress. It makes it perfect for the occasion.

LOOK #4 Expected. I’m known amongst my friends as the queen on “mini”. Mini dress, mini skirt, add sequins, and I’m sold! My friends would “expect” me to wear this to the party. And I would be totally comfortable and in my element!

LOOK #5 Unexpected. I did just say I’m the “queen of mini”, right? Having my legs covered via pants or a long dress would be SO unexpected of me. Change is good!

LOOK # 6 Show Stopper. There would be no mistaking whose party it is in this dress!

So what do you guys think? I would love your help! Let me know what’s your favorite look. And be sure to follow me on instagram @theblend_tv to see my Christmas Party #OOTD !

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