DIY- Personalized Dinnerware



Just when I thought Chalkboard Paint was the best thing since sliced bread for dinnerware, I discovered Porcelain Paint Markers! They come in a variety of colors and can be used on glass, tile, & ceramics. These are by Decoart from Michaels. All you have to do is: 1.write/draw, 2.air cure for 4-8hrs, 3.bake at 375° for 40mins for a permanent & dishwasher safe finish!



I came across this quote on Pinterest and thought it would be a cute and uplifting message to write on the plate:

“Because Life is short…Love Others. Ignore haters. Don’t save your pretty dresses for special occasions. Stop your negative thoughts. Wear perfume. Send out thank you cards on a daily basis. Wear heels. Wear flats if you hate heels. Write a poem for a loved one. Encourage people as much as possible. Don’t look back, unless it makes you smile.”

I added a few of my own phrases (“pursue dreams”, “think positive thoughts”) for a more “personal” touch and to  help fill up the plate.



For a food safe porcelain marker use Pebeo Porcelain.

Bon appétit!

♥ Thanks for reading♥ 


3 thoughts on “DIY- Personalized Dinnerware

  1. Great idea…I tried something like this with Jaisen for Father’s Day but it didn’t turn out that good, however, this is awesome Keyonna!


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