Small kitchens, BIG charm.

small kitchen

I’m a realtor. Yup, that’s my day job…and night job…and weekend job…and can never truly take a day off job, because you never know when that million dollar deal will come. So now I’m paranoid,  and never turn my phone off , and always make myself available whenever a client needs me.

pic2 pic3

When I graduated college, unlike most of my peers who were eager to enter the workforce, I was dreading it. The thought of waking up, eating breakfast, getting dressed, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, going to bed, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT EVERYDAY for the rest of my life –shoot me! I wanted flexibility, and the opportunity to travel, and not be stuck behind a desk all day. So, like the rebel that I was (am), I turned down a  job offer that I received from my internship (all my friends thought I was crazy…perhaps I was), moved back in with my parents (yup, I was crazy), and decided to get my real estate license. Truth be told, I’m actually working more now than I would if I had gone with the typical 9-5 …um, yeah, fail.

pic4 pic5

Anyways, I said all that to say that my real estate ventures actually inspired this post. I work with a lot of first-time homebuyers. Translation: I work with a lot of people who want crystal on a plastic cup budget. The #1 item on my buyers wish list: a LARGE  eat-in kitchen. Sure, increase your budget by a few $100k and you can have all the kitchen you want. But in my opinion, it’s not about size. Smaller kitchens can be just as functional and stunning as large kitchens (as seen above)!

p.s. I’m still waiting on that million dollar deal…

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7 thoughts on “Small kitchens, BIG charm.

  1. YOU ARE The Million Dollar Deal!!! Thanks for this; since my daughters are looking for an apartment now this keeps my mind wide open.

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