Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Truffles – Video

Ahhh, here it is, my Big Surprise — my first video. SURPRISE! Come on, act surprised…

When I started this blog, I actually wanted it to be a vlog (video blog), hence, theblend.TV . I totally underestimated the amount of time, energy, and equipment needed to produce the type of videos I wanted.  But at last, the time has come, I’m finally able to introduce some video content to my blog! I’ll be posting  videos to my Youtube channel frequently. Everything from DIY’s, food, fashion, beauty, my daily explorations, and random inspiration.

In this video we’ll learn how to make Chocolate Truffles (YUM)! They’re so easy to make and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift…or go ahead and ‘treat yo self.’

I hope you guys like it and please subscribe to my Youtube channel (here) for more videos!

(please watch in HD)

Thanks for Reading


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