Q & A: Small Kitchens, BIG Charm

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve probably read this post (here) on how functional and charming small kitchens can be! I received a question from a lovely reader asking how to make a small kitchen look as good as these. Here are some tips:


TIP #1: When working with small spaces, keeping the paint color light and neutral can instantly make the room feel fresh and spacious.


TIP #2: Just because you use neutral paint colors doesn’t mean the kitchen has to be dull and boring. Bring in pops of color with furniture and decor. I especially love adding color with fresh flowers and fruits!


TIP #3: Have a kitchen with no windows? No Problem! Invest in good lighting fixtures, use natural light lightbulbs, and bring the outdoors in with potted plants, to make the space feel less claustrophobic.


TIP # 4: Instead of using bold colors to make a statement, play around with metallics. Metallics reflect light, which can make your kitchen feel bright and airy…not to mention glamorous!

small kitchens

TIP #5: Adequate storage space can be a huge dilemma with small kitchens. Optimize on storage with open shelving to display  nice dishware and cookbooks . Hang pots and pans, and put cooking ingredients in glass jars. All of these things not only add function, but character  and charm to the space.


TIP #6: Investing in new countertops can be very affordable when you have a small kitchen. But the veining and coloring of granite countertops can look too busy in a small space. Instead, opt for stones with simple and consistent patterns like quartz and concrete. Or try stainless steel , wood butcher block, and even glass counters, for a sleek, clean, look.

Also remember, it’s all about SCALE.  The size of appliances, furniture, wall art, and other accessories/decor are so important when dealing with any small space, especially kitchens. Thus, sacrifice the industrial size fridge and six burner range for smaller, compact appliances. AND, no matter what the size of your kitchen, reducing clutter on the countertops will instantly improve the look and feel of the space.

Hope these tips are helpful. Happy Decorating!
Thanks for Reading


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