Oops I’m Pregnant: Maternity Style

Hi Everyone!
A wonderful friend, who is soon to be a mother of two (boys…ahh!), requested a Maternity Style post. To be honest, I feel somewhat unqualified posting about maternity wear, being that I’ve never been a preggo. But, I’ve had enough friends and family who have been to know that it’s virtually impossible to shop for yourself when your pregnant. Apparently, there is some type of magnetic force that pulls you into the baby section of every department store and causes you to buy out the whole section.Which means you’ll be rockin’ the hubby’s sweats for yet another trimester. So, since a mom-to-be shopping spree seems to be unrealistic, I decided to focus on 9 pieces to invest in that will allow you to make endless pairings!
maternity basics
maternity pairings
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