26 before 27.

On Sunday I turned 26….begrudgingly.  I just don’t like that number. It’s too close to 30, and mostly, it reminds me that I’m past due on several goals and career aspirations I hoped to accomplish by 25. But such is life. So instead of lying about my age (I keep telling people I turned “25, again”), I’m embracing this new year and setting 1yr goals. These goals may not be huge or lofty, but all will add value to my life and/or career endeavors…and can definitely be accomplished within a year.

Here are 26 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 27 (in no particular order):

1. Skydive

2.Knit a scarf

2. Try Ariel yoga

3. Exercise regularly

4. Run 5k

5. Blog more

6. Learn Photoshop

7. Take more photographs

8. Make more blog videos

9. Re-learn final cut

10. Introduce outfit posts


11. Learn to skateboard

12. Improve flexibility

13. Turn storage room into home office

14. Take a vacation

15. Read more books 

16. Save money for shopping spree

17. Surf more


18. Learn to sew

19. Remodel bedroom

20. Learn to cook

21. Cut my hair (BC)

22. New blog design

23. Host at least 2 parties

24. Golf more

25. Organize closet

26. Gain more experience in fashion styling

Can’t wait to start checking things off! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Looking forward to a great (26th) year!

Thanks for Reading


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