DIY – Upcycle Earrings into Hair Pins

diy hair pins 1

Look at these Monsters! I wore these earrings to my sister’s wedding (2yrs ago) and haven’t worn them since. Besides the fact that they are missing rhinestones after only one wear (which is not surprising since they only cost me $5 at Forever21 #cheap), they are super heavy and hurt my ears. I think it’s safe to say I’m never wearing these bad boys again.  But, instead of tossing them, I upcycled them into cute little hair pins for my goddaughter!

Here’s how:

diy hair pins 2 diy hair pins 3 diy hair pins 4 diy hair pins 5 diy hair pins 6

diy hair pin 7

Cute, right?! I’m really enjoying finding ways to revamp my old jewelry. If you have any ideas, please share! Have a safe weekend and for more DIY ways to upcycle old jewelry check out this post (here)!