IT’S A….


A few weeks ago I threw my best friend and her husband a Gender Reveal Party ( I wish there was a better name for it). Gender reveal parties are very popular right now for couples who are expecting. It’s basically when you throw a party for your friends and family to reveal whether you’re having a girl or a boy. The cool thing about the one I threw for my friend was that she didn’t even know the sex of her baby, yet, the doctor only told me! So not only was this a big reveal for their closest friends and family, but also a huge (and emotional) surprise for my bestie and her husband, as well!


I DIY’ed a chalkboard and had guest vote whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. I framed one of the sonogramsĀ to help with their decision. Of course I chose the picture that showed the least amount of “details”, so it was really no help at all. But it was funny to watch guest squint and point to areas of the blurred image, and then so adamantly declare the gender, when in actuality the picture revealed nothing but the babies head, stomach, and leg.

Mus&bows2WEAR YOUR VOTE! Once the guest voted, they either rocked mustaches (team boy) or sported pink bow pins (team girl). Definitely created some “you can’t sit with us” moments –Team Boy VS. Team Girl.pop balloonballoon pop 4

BOY!!! Blue confetti and feathers went everywhere! If you DIY the Surprise Balloon Popper, I HIGHLY recommend popping the balloon outside in a low traffic area, because there will be glitter and confetti remnants for days. But it makes for a fun and pretty reveal!

Congrats to the Whaley’s, can’t wait to meet him!