I’m 25 and on a quest for all things fabulous in fashion, home, and life on the Eastern Shore. I’m a self proclaimed “city girl”, but after relocating to the Eastern Shore in 2001, I fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of coastal living. Yet, I still miss the style and culture of city life. This quandary put me on a quest to find local shops and places on the Shore that could appeal to both my metropolitan and coastal life and style — sparking the creation of this blog. My mission is to highlight creative ways to fuse (blend) style and design elements to create the hip, chic, and diverse lifestyle that I desire, on the Shore.

Feel free to use any original photographs or videos that interest you, but please link back to my blog and send me an email letting me know!

I’d love to hear from you, so email me any questions, comments, or ideas at info@theblend.tv. And, if you would be so kind, please take my survey so I can provide you with content you’ll love!

Thanks so much for visiting!

With Love and Laughter,




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