Merry Christmas

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Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you be blessed by all the Joy, Peace, and Love that the season brings.



IT’S A….


A few weeks ago I threw my best friend and her husband a Gender Reveal Party ( I wish there was a better name for it). Gender reveal parties are very popular right now for couples who are expecting. It’s basically when you throw a party for your friends and family to reveal whether you’re having a girl or a boy. The cool thing about the one I threw for my friend was that she didn’t even know the sex of her baby, yet, the doctor only told me! So not only was this a big reveal for their closest friends and family, but also a huge (and emotional) surprise for my bestie and her husband, as well!


I DIY’ed a chalkboard and had guest vote whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. I framed one of the sonograms to help with their decision. Of course I chose the picture that showed the least amount of “details”, so it was really no help at all. But it was funny to watch guest squint and point to areas of the blurred image, and then so adamantly declare the gender, when in actuality the picture revealed nothing but the babies head, stomach, and leg.

Mus&bows2WEAR YOUR VOTE! Once the guest voted, they either rocked mustaches (team boy) or sported pink bow pins (team girl). Definitely created some “you can’t sit with us” moments –Team Boy VS. Team Girl.pop balloonballoon pop 4

BOY!!! Blue confetti and feathers went everywhere! If you DIY the Surprise Balloon Popper, I HIGHLY recommend popping the balloon outside in a low traffic area, because there will be glitter and confetti remnants for days. But it makes for a fun and pretty reveal!

Congrats to the Whaley’s, can’t wait to meet him!



Party Time

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I got a new side hustle ya’ll (whoop whoop)!! And by “side hustle” I mean I’m hustlin’ to find time to fit it in between my other hustles, and I don’t get paid for doing it (whomp whomp)…BUT, could possibly get paid for it… IF, I wasn’t so nice and always offered my side hustles for free…(thus why I’m not a millionaire yet, obviously).

Lately, I’ve been getting asked to plan parties. That’s right, I am now a party planner (along with real estate agent, writer, stylist, and blogger). Um yea, somethings gotta go… (p.s. it’s real estate).

I’m not sure how I came about this new role. Although I do like to throw a shindig every now and then for myself, planning a party for someone else is kinda nerve wrecking and stressful. I mean, it’s one thing to throw a bad party for yourself, but ruining someone else’s party, COME’ON, who can live that down!? Yet, there’s something about party planning that’s exciting and enjoyable, and keeps me saying “YES” to those who ask. Perhaps it’s the DIY’er in me. Thankfully, the ones I’ve thrown thus far have been a success! And I’m starting to figure out my party must-haves:

BIG BALLOONS : 12″ balloons are so typical. Bust out the big boys. I’m talkin’ 36″ latex. They make a big statement in such a chic way.

TASSEL GARLAND: The day I learned how to DIY tassel garland was the day I became a tissue paper hoarder. It’s so cheap &  simple to make (tissue paper, scissors, tape, & twine), yet can add so much interest to the room, and give the party a vintage/shabby chic vibe. Love it!

DESSERT TABLE: I used to be a fan of the candy bars, but now I’m finding a dessert bar/table is so much more classy looking and affordable! And NO, you don’t have to be a baker. Head over to Sam’s Club or Walmart and pick up some cheap pre-made desserts. #NomNom

THE UNEXPECTED: Let’s be honest, Pinterest is murdering originality. And that’s fine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? But, depsite how easy it is to recreate someone else’s creative idea, I always try to do something different and unexpected. I’m not saying you have to come up with a brand new idea, but just simply putting a twist on something you’ve already seen will make the party feel much more customized.

Wish me luck on this new “venture”!!



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26 before 27.

On Sunday I turned 26….begrudgingly.  I just don’t like that number. It’s too close to 30, and mostly, it reminds me that I’m past due on several goals and career aspirations I hoped to accomplish by 25. But such is life. So instead of lying about my age (I keep telling people I turned “25, again”), I’m embracing this new year and setting 1yr goals. These goals may not be huge or lofty, but all will add value to my life and/or career endeavors…and can definitely be accomplished within a year.

Here are 26 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 27 (in no particular order):

1. Skydive

2.Knit a scarf

2. Try Ariel yoga

3. Exercise regularly

4. Run 5k

5. Blog more

6. Learn Photoshop

7. Take more photographs

8. Make more blog videos

9. Re-learn final cut

10. Introduce outfit posts


11. Learn to skateboard

12. Improve flexibility

13. Turn storage room into home office

14. Take a vacation

15. Read more books 

16. Save money for shopping spree

17. Surf more


18. Learn to sew

19. Remodel bedroom

20. Learn to cook

21. Cut my hair (BC)

22. New blog design

23. Host at least 2 parties

24. Golf more

25. Organize closet

26. Gain more experience in fashion styling

Can’t wait to start checking things off! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Looking forward to a great (26th) year!

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Main Roots Coffee

main root coffee1mainroots6-1Yesterday, I finally got to check out Main Roots Coffee. It’s a new coffee spot located on the Plaza in downtown Salisbury. They opened in January, and lets just say it’s the best thing that’s happened to the plaza this year. The atmosphere is cozy and warm, and the historic character of downtown Salisbury adds to its charm. The space is fairly small so you don’t have to worry about a lot of people/distractions/noise. It’s what I call a “true” coffeehouse, meaning, you’ll find a few lite fare items on the menu, but their main focus is coffee. main root coffee shopmenu 1 bwIMG_9284main root coffee 2main root coffee 4coffeeIf you’re local you MUST go check it out. And order a caramel latte… it’s the best one I’ve had yet!

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Patrick Henry Art Exhibit

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I attended Patrick Henry’s Art Exhibit at the Globe restaurant in Berlin, Md. Mr. Henry is a locally renowned artist, and his paintings are featured in galleries, hotels, restaurants, homes etc. throughout the Shore. His beautiful artwork portrays the Eastern Shore region in such an intimate and nostalgic way.

“Cottage by the Bay”

My boyfriend does some marketing work for Mr. Henry, So I had the privilege to meet and chat with him a little. As if his artwork was not enough to be blown away by, Mr. Henry’s humble and loving spirit was so refreshing. I admire people who are not afraid to take risks in order to pursue their dreams. Mr. Henry is living proof that great things happen when you follow your heart.

One of my favorite paintings “Dappled Lane”

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! If you have time, I encourage you to visit Mr. Henry’s website at, you’ll be so inspired by his biography and paintings!

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Chalk Day: Watch Video

Happy Friday Everyone!

I wanted to share this light-hearted video with you guys (courtesy of my boyfriend). My father is a pastor, so on Sunday’s some of the members come by the house for dinner and fellowship. A few sunday’s ago, some of the younger kids were outside playing with chalk. Being a child at heart, I immediately joined in on the fun! I had the “artistic” idea to try to color the whole patio in chalk! I didn’t expect it to be such a big hit, but before I knew it everyone (young and old alike) were busy chalking away. Unfortunately, we ran out of chalk before we could finish the whole patio, but the best part was seeing everyone having fun and joining together to accomplish a huge task! It’s little moments like these that bring a smile to my face 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember — enjoy family, enjoy friends, enjoy the simple things in life!

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