26 before 27.

On Sunday I turned 26….begrudgingly.  I just don’t like that number. It’s too close to 30, and mostly, it reminds me that I’m past due on several goals and career aspirations I hoped to accomplish by 25. But such is life. So instead of lying about my age (I keep telling people I turned “25, again”), I’m embracing this new year and setting 1yr goals. These goals may not be huge or lofty, but all will add value to my life and/or career endeavors…and can definitely be accomplished within a year.

Here are 26 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 27 (in no particular order):

1. Skydive

2.Knit a scarf

2. Try Ariel yoga

3. Exercise regularly

4. Run 5k

5. Blog more

6. Learn Photoshop

7. Take more photographs

8. Make more blog videos

9. Re-learn final cut

10. Introduce outfit posts


11. Learn to skateboard

12. Improve flexibility

13. Turn storage room into home office

14. Take a vacation

15. Read more books 

16. Save money for shopping spree

17. Surf more


18. Learn to sew

19. Remodel bedroom

20. Learn to cook

21. Cut my hair (BC)

22. New blog design

23. Host at least 2 parties

24. Golf more

25. Organize closet

26. Gain more experience in fashion styling

Can’t wait to start checking things off! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Looking forward to a great (26th) year!

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Happy Friday!

I’ve taken on the task of organizing my jewelry box… Sadly, I have so many pieces that I can’t wear anymore because they are tarnished, tangled, missing stones /jewels etc. But, instead of throwing them away, I’m finding ways to upcycle them into fantastic new pieces! Here’s the quickest and easiest way to revamp your  tarnished jewels into BRIGHT “like-new” accessories:

jewelry diy pic 1STEP 1: Find old/tarnished jewelry

jewelry diy pic 2STEP 2: Apply nail polish of your choice

neon jewelry diy pic 3STEP 3: Let dry & then ready to wear!

I love this DIY because it’s quick, easy, and just like polishing your nails, you can use nail polish remover and change-up the colors whenever you want! I’ll be sharing more ways I’m upcycling/revamping my old jewelry so be sure to check back (and follow) for more DIY ideas! Have a fun & safe weekend!

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INSTA- blend

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Here are some mini moments of what I’ve been up to lately via Instagram…

1044958_452742031488016_707208644_nCatching some rays on the most perfect beach day!4th of July Cupcakes Flag inspired cupcakes that I made for the 4th.4th of july nailsMy Patriotic nails.mini mouse cupcakesMini Mouse cupcakes that I made for a little girls 1st birthday. I was so proud of myself! four seasonsBeautiful Gold door at the Four Seasons. Perfect for selfies!gramercy hotel gardenStayed at the historic Gramercy Mansion for a week for a photo shoot. Woke up to this beautiful garden view every morning! #bliss #MyLifeAsAFashionStylistorioles gameDidn’t think I was a baseball gal, but absolutely enjoyed my first MLB game. Go Orioles! pizza-specific gravityAddicted to this pizza! Bruschetta Pomodoro at Specific Gravity.  shoot setMock set for my DIY video.

Have a great week! And don’t forget to Follow me on Instagram @theblend_tv

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Overalls: YAY or NAY?


Nobody believed me months ago when I said overalls were making a comeback.  Hate to say it, but… I TOLD YOU SO!

pic2 pic3 pic4

The more I look at them, the more I (kinda) want a pair…but the little voice in my head keeps repeating that line from the movie, Clueless — “she could be a farmer in those clothes.”

pic7 pic6 pic5

images via

 What do you guys think about overalls… are they a yay, or nay?!

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The Curvy Fashionista

curvy fashionista 1

A reader requested I do a post for “the big girls,” because “big girls need to know how to dress, too” (those were her words, not mine–I prefer the term curvy.) Truth be told, every “skinny girl” dreams of having curves.  I mean seriously, is there anything sexier than curves?! Apparently, per my mom, mine won’t come until after I have children …which is currently the only reason why I would consider having children…

pic2 curvy fashionista 3 pic4 curvy fashionista 5 pic6 pic7 pic8 pic9 curvy fashionista

images via

So where my Curvy Fashionistas at?! For more “curvy” style inspo check out Saks In The City  and Jay Miranda‘s blog!


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Celebrity Style…for LESS!

Happy Friday!

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time making fashion collages (via Polyvore). I love creating what I call “celebrity style” collages, where I try to put together similar looks of some of  my favorite celebs. Oh! and for a lot less money than what they’ve probably spent on the outfit. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t look/dress like the “big spenders”. So, if you plan on going shopping this weekend, here’s a few looks to try!

Celebrity Style- Jessica Alba
Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr
Celebrity Style: Alexa Chung
I’d love to know who your fashion icons are? Let me know in the comment section below, and perhaps I can feature them on my next Celebrity Style collage! For more fashion and interior design inspo you can follow me on Polyvore (here). Have a great weekend!
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